The Importance of Encrypting Your Emails

Never before has our Constitutional Right to Privacy been as threatened as it is now.. All in the name of safety..

Private E-Mail Messages

Why Encryption is So Important

If your email account is hacked, all your emails would be exposed for all to see. If you have some really confidential correspondence you should use Away RJN Cryptography to encrypt and send the emails. Then if the account was hacked all that would be seen is gibberish. Get ahead of the curve with Away RJN Cryptography. This is your opportunity to protect your correspondence from compromise.

Government Interception

It is becoming LEGAL for the government to intercept YOUR e-mails. Not to worry if your e-mails are intercepted and you have attached a file with unbreakable encryption!

"We're talking about lawfully authorized intercepts," said Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) general counsel Valerie Caproni. "We're not talking expanding authority. We're talking about preserving our ability to execute our existing authority in order to protect the public safety and national security."

The time to protect yourself and your information is NOW! --There are bills before congress that would require all online services that enable communications to be technically capable of complying with a wiretap order.

How to Email an Encrypted Message

Two Easy Steps

Storing Encrypted messages on your computer is commonplace today. The problem is how to send and receive these messages easily and securely without inside knowledge of computer functions.

Away RJN Cryptography is capable of transmitting ANY document you consider Secret by pressing two links.

Directions for Emailing Encrypted Messages:

It is a simple two step process:
1 - The Recipient sends their Public Key to the Sender
2 - The Sender receives that Public Key and Away RJN Cryptography does the rest.

Uses Mozilla Thunderbird to transmit the fiile.
Away RJN Cryptography will insert your Encrypted message into Thunderbird . Download Thunderbird here... it's the best and it's free  
 You can use it for all your regular - non-encrypted emails.

No Geek Required

Does this sound difficult to you?
And yes, you do need to perform two steps BEFORE you send your email, but aren't your Secret documents worth it??

No third party Certificates are required.

No knowledge of S/MIME encryption systems is required.

The transmission is strictly between the Sender and Recipient.

No test messages are required.

You do not need to have extensive computer knowledge to let Away RJN Cryptography do its job.

We have an extensive 24/7 online Help File.

E-Mail questions are answered by our Technical Programming Engineer. Our Customer Service is superb.

Graphic Guided Instructions

Here are the steps to send an Encrypted file:

  • Person "A" (the Sender) identifies a file in his "My Documents" folder that needs to be sent to Person "B".

  • Person "B" (the "Recipient") opens Away RJN Cryptography and clicks "1 - Email Public Key".

  • Person "A" (the Sender) opens his Away RJN Cryptography, clicks the appropriate file and then clicks "2 - Public Encrypt an Existing ..."

buttons for sending encypted emails
This is a portion of the Main Screen of Away RJN Cryptography.

That's it!

Automatic App Operation

All the necessary computer generated Encryption and Public Key/Private Key algorithms are handled internally and automatically without any manipulations by the Sender or the Recipient.

When you are ready to transmit a file to someone, Away RJN Cryptography prepares it automatically by encrypting the file with AES (Rijndael) and the Public Key.
The Public Key is then used by the Recipient to Decrypt the file.
Why can't anyone use the Public Key to Decrypt the file? Because when the Recipient created the Public Key, it used his or her Private Password.
In order to Decrypt the files with the Public Key, the Private Password must be used again.
Your files remain undisturbed.

Each Recipient has their own Public Key.


For Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and 11.
This is not Backward compatible with Previous versions of Away RJN Cryptography
Runs on 64-bit machines with no problem.
Each of these are one-time charges.

Download Away RJN Cryptography.
Version 8.0.2 .0
only $19.95.

Pay with Bitcoin
Upgrade to Version
only $ 9.95
from any previous version of AWAY
(which need not be installed)
Encrypted files must be Decrypted with old version first.

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