Today's Ultimate Stupidity!!

by Richard Bennice, Author, Away RJN Cryptography

For All Their Brilliance, Computer Applications have this Glaring Moronic Stupidity.

It presents itself every time you log in to a web site. There is no getting away from it. Whoever thought of it in the prehistoric days of Computering should be made to suffer mental and physical anguish. That person's supervisor and all the higher ups who looked at it and approved it should share the pain and suffering. There is no other way to describe this then with the words "utter stupidity".

We are talking about when you type in your Password, the characters are converted to dots . Why? I suppose the low grade moron who invented that thought that there is some extra measure of security in not letting the person who thought of a password not being able to see what he or she is typing. They are thinking that as they type, the password projects onto the ceiling for all to see. Or maybe they thought a terrorist was looking over your shoulder. Or they thought you would pass around your laptop affter you typed it.

Here are some facts:

  • It's your password. You selected it.
  • Your keyboard knows what you are typing.
  • Your computer's "guts" know what was typed.
  • Your browser knows what was typed.
  • The internet knows what was typed.
  • Finally, the destination app knows what was typed.

  • The only unknown is your eyes!

So, by preventing you from seeing what you typed, ignoramus is a happy jerk thinking that he added security to your day. What a fallacy. That's like a soldier going into combat and pulling his helmet over his eyes.

Some time ago I had a Bitcoin wallet in which I had .0067 Bitcoins. At todays' rate, that's almost $200. They strongly recommend that you encrypt the wallet. So I used my programs' Password Generator and found me an unguessable password. When I entered it in my wallet, of course it was changed to dots. You guessed it. With the recent explosion of Bitcoin, I went to open my wallet and forgot my password!! Because I did not see what I had typed, there was no visual memory of it. Thanks Bitcoin, your adherence to mindless stupidity cost me.

When Security Theater goes to the maximum, common sense goes out the window. That's why, in Away RJN Cryptography, the standard way to enter your password is Visible!

My favorite example of stupidity, You Tube; "Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity"

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